Remote Hub Lab


What is it?

The RHL-Butterfly is a virtualized IoT breadboard allowing for equitable remote hardware access for users around the world. This breadboard allows users to freely experiment and prototype with digital circuits and logic gates for ARM microcontrollers, without the need for any physical electrical hardware.

Why is this needed?

93% of households reported their students had some form of distance learning in the last 2 years.

463 million students across the globe remain cut off from remote education due to lack of curriculum equipment.

38 states have set up some form of permanent virtual schooling system stemmed from the COVID-19 pandemic.

100% of this technology provides equitable access to engineering hardware, regardless of student financial status.

100% of this technology is open-source for feature expandability and accessibility for all projects and platforms.

What can the breadboard do?

  • Communicate with ARM microcontroller GPIO
  • Support 3-pin SPDT switches
  • Logic gates
    • NOT gates
    • AND gates
    • OR gates
  • Error checks
    • Short circuit detection
    • Improperly powered integrated circuits
    • Illegal GPIO configurations
  • And more to come!

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