Remote Hub Lab


Our lab is fairly new but we have a lot of presence! Learn more about what’s happening here!


ECEDHA Virtual Summit

  • On 6/5/2022, Dr. Hussein presented to ECE faculty, industry professionals, and educators on the benefits of a hybrid approach to teaching digital logic through project BEADLE, and how BEADLE can be deployed at low cost to students of all communities around the world. 

Undergraduate Research Symposium Lightning Talk presented by Florence Atienza (Class of ‘22 EE):

  • Research Question: How can we advance the Remote Hub Lab to be more accessible and scalable in a post-pandemic context? What does equitable access to engineering education mean today? 
  • Watch the video to listen to Florence’s presentation at the Undergraduate Research Symposium held by the University of Washington on 5/20/2022. 

Project Updates:

  • RELIA:
    • On 3/21/22 NSF granted UW the project RELIA: A New Generation of Broadly Accessible Remote Engineering Laboratories
    • Project goal: develop a remote computing and wireless communication laboratory based on field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and software defined radio (SDR) platforms and perform a comprehensive assessment of student learning and engagement in remote settings for these engineering technologies
    • virtualized IoT breadboard allowing for experimentation with digital circuits and logic gates for ARM microcontrollers, without the need for physical electrical hardware
    • allows for equitable remote hardware access for users around the world
    • Current Goals:
      • Aiming to add virtualized standard breadboard components such as NOT gates, AND gates, and OR gates, which has already been successfully demonstrated in a proof-of-concept (though not yet deployed) 
      • Aiming to move breadboard solution computation and processing directly onto hardware
        • This will be a more accurate representation of how embedded systems hardware interacts with a physical breadboard, despite BUTTERFLY being virtual 




Intel-sponsored webinar at ASEE Annual Conference 2021

IEEE Spectrum: Online Labs Give Remote-Learners Hands On Experience

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